A few of my latest purchases, from left to right: boyfriend jeans, OPI "Pink Friday", Mac Studio Fix concealer, leather look shorts, striped top and ankle boots

Lately I've been feeling like a walking advertisement for Glassons, and justifying all of my unnecessary purchases with 'I need more clothes to wear to work' is not helping the situation! 

I must say I am loving working again. It's nice to have a bit of disposable income to treat myself every now and then, but it doesn't leave much time for studying, let alone relaxing. Thank god the mid-semester break has finally arrived so I can have a few days off!

On another note, New Zealand is currently in the midst of it's annual fashion week. There's a whole bunch of amazingly talented designers that I want to show off to all you international readers, so if I find myself with a little time to spare over the break I may do a few retrospective Fashion Week posts!

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  2. Wow, can't believe I stumbled upon an NZ blogger.
    Love these pieces, I've been eyeing up those boots for a while now!


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